Why you Need to Go on a Desert Safari Tour in Dubai

Nowadays, people associate Dubai with luxury, skyscrapers, splendid architecture, and gold. However, Dubai was originally a desert and people tend to forget this fact. Most people choose Morocco or some other Middle East country, if they want to tour a desert but not Dubai. There is no doubt that Dubai has a lot to offer such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, The Dubai Mall and Dhow Cruise Marina that appeals to the western world but the list is not complete without mentioning the desert. The deserts of Dubai, although humble, offers breathtaking views which rivals the skyline of the glittering city.

Traveling to the desert is a must for tourists and all the tourisms companies offers the best desert safari deals in Dubai. If you don’t visit the sand dunes in Dubai, you will be missing a splendid desert experience. So make sure to include desert safari in your list while touring Dubai. If you are still not convinced, here are some ways you can enjoy the desert safari.

The Thrilling Sand Dunes

Desert is all about the landscape and the Dubai deserts are rich in red dunes that are characteristic to Arabian deserts. The red dunes of the Dubai desert are truly mesmerizing. They have the kind of beauty cannot be explained in words and when put into words, it loses its meaning. You will only understand how breathtaking the landscape is, when you see it with your own eyes. The sunset view on the red dunes is specially mentionable. When you visit the Dubai desert, watching the sunset is a must.

Sand Boarding

Desert has something to offer for people of all kinds. Most people simply enjoy the scenic views of the desert but adventurous people can also have a great time in desert by sand boarding. Sand boarding is a popular sport like snow boarding and one of the few sports that are played in deserts. Your tour guides will ensure that the weather is safe for sand boarding and provide you the necessary equipment, so all you have to do is enjoy the sport.

The SUV Ride

The desert safari is done exclusively by SUV cars. Your tour guide will take you along with your traveling partners to the desert in a Land Cruiser or Hummer. The road leading to the desert from the city is extremely bumpy and to ensure the safety of the passengers, the tour companies provide SUVs which have all the necessary safety gears. The fun ride itself is enough reason to go on a desert safari tour.

Overnight Safari Camp

In addition to the daytime safari experience, the night life in a desert is another reason you should go to the desert. The deserts in Dubai have overnight camps for the tourists where they can enjoy spicy BBQ and exotic belly dances. The camp is an entertaining place with a friendly environment where you can enjoy yourself to the fullest. Also, spending a night under the open sky with thousands of stars doesn’t sound so bad.