Samsung Or LG TVs? Expert Guidance That Will Help You Pick Up Best TV For You!

Every year, most of the top electronic brands have a cut-throat competition with one another to get the first position and win hearts of people. Over the years both the brands, LG and Samsung have made tremendous progress in their respective fields.

Both the TVs brands have given a tough fight. While you might have known that both of the brands excel with stunning colour schemes, high definition and resolution, how can you decide which one can be best for you?

Samsung has outperformed LG in various ways. Back in 2014, Samsung was leading the charts. Its annual performance showed a great improvement and a high yearly score of 73%. However, LG has not been lagging since then. It has made steady and speedy improvements in its products. Currently, LG is noted to be just few scores behind of Samsung.

Price Factor

When it comes to getting the best deals on Samsung TVs, Amazon has taken the stage and left behind the rest. It is a house of millions of products and deals. Price competition in different brands and products online has helped tremendously the customers to get the right deals. The best sites like offers easy comparison of the products that allows the customers to know their best bet.

Low end TV sets of Samsung and LG yet have better quality and wide range which helps the customers having tight budget with better options. One thing that these brands assure is that a little high price of the low ended models will never fail to provide the best possible quality.

This range of TV set provides with the best and latest technology. It is not only about the best resolution and size, but additional equipments like a smart remote, internet, YouTube, screen mirroring etc ensures great customer satisfaction. It guarantees a tip-top quality and the best TV watching experience you can ever have. Samsung TVs have good durability and after sale services. Samsung also provides with various shapes like flat screen, curved screen to give the best possible and realistic experience of watching TV.

OLED vs. Quantum dot

The traditional technology works by producing an image with the help of backlight. However, the limitation of this is that a lot of light is lost and the colours obtained are not perfect which causes dissatisfaction.

Samsung solves the issue by putting a sheet of quantum dots that helps to produce brighter colours and perfect combinations of it. LG promotes OLED that uses just a single sheet of material that highlights specific colours as electricity passes through it. OLED is now believed to be conventional technology that may have to face issues in terms of cost and development if used in the long run.

Both the brands have equally worked hard on their areas on improvement. However, it is believed that Samsung is better than LG in terms of technology used and its fast rate development. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the best deal online and bring Samsung TV now!