Experience Old World Italy in Comfort and Style

Travelling to Italy is not complete without an appreciation of its historical past. Without a doubt, this Southern European country is known as a fashion center, its delectable cuisine, exceptional art, and amazing coastlines. But it is also known for its role in shaping history, as seen by the monuments and landmarks all over the country. There are several ways to have a fully immersive experience while in Italy.

See the Sights

For those who want to experience the historical and cultural beauty of Italy, this country is known for its more than 50 UNESCO heritage sites. More than 40 of these sites have been designated as cultural landmarks. In terms of ranking, Italy tops the list of countries with the most number of heritage sites.

The list of sites includes a number of centuries-old castles, basilicas, and churches, as well as church-related monuments. These include the Santa Maria Delle Grazie convent in
Milan where Leonardo Da Vinci’s Last Supper can be found. Sections of Rome, Naples, Florence and other locales have also been designated as historic centers. Entire Italian cities are also considered areas of cultural significance, such as Verona and Venice. Both areas are renowned for their architecture and art.

Stay in a Villa

Several gardens and villas have also been recognized for their historical significance. The list includes the botanical gardens of Padua, which is known as the oldest of its kind in the world. The list also includes the villas and gardens owned by the Medici family, which can be found in Tuscany.

To explore the possibility of staying in a real Italian villa, sites such https://www.exceptionalvillas.com/italy can provide information about potential properties. Many of the villas available for temporary stays are centuries-old and replete with history. An example of such property is the Machiavelli villa, which was built in the 15th century and has frescoes designed by Michelangelo.

Historical With Modern Comforts

While the villas are centuries-old, they have been upgraded with modern day accommodations so guests can have a comfortable stay. Some villas are located within private lush gardens vineyards and orchards or provide expansive views of the countryside, coastlines or mountains. Most importantly, some of these accommodations provide a private haven for individuals, couples, and families while on vacation.

For those who are looking for a real local experience, staying in a villa could be a part of the plan. Another would be embracing the Italian way of living. These include having an appreciation of what makes the local culture unique. It could be as simple as starting one’s day with a classic Italian breakfast or having an aperitivo before dinner.

When planning for a vacation, consider visiting Italy. Apart from its natural coastal and alpine scenery, the region has a lot of historic cultural sites that are worth visiting. For an exceptional experience, stay in an Old World villa while exploring the region. Fully immersing in the historical beauty of the area is one way of fully appreciating a vacation in Italy.