Do you wish to have fun at the most beautiful place on earth?

Have you ever wondered what makes the place beautiful? What are the different things you look for,  while planning your holidays? If you wish to see the palace city of India then best resorts near Mysore is the place you should reach at. At resort you will get all amenities of modern life amidst natural suburb. Surrounded by hills the place resides near Silicon Valley.

The butter smooth road that joins the city with the place gives a wonderful travelling experience. No glitches and hitches on this route only a comfortable journey. Bangalore enjoys connectivity from all parts of the country through railways and airways, so reaching at the place is not a difficult task.

Once you reach at Kanakpura road resorts you will feel as if you have reached in a heaven. The cool breeze that blows, fills your lungs with fresh oxygen and gives a healthy start to your vacations. The temperature of the place remains around 30 degrees throughout the year and it’s due to this favorable condition, the flowers, trees and plant flourishes thus purifying the surrounding area. The beautiful flowers and cool weather make it one of the most beautiful places on the earth.

To maintain the spirit of enjoyable holidays, the resort has numerous playful activities that are specially designed for the visitors, hence not found elsewhere. This beautiful place assists in trying something extraordinary like walking on the water, flying like a bird, crawling alike a creepers, etc. The adventure games have a long list that includes, river rafting, Rappelling, Parasailing etc. At this place people come in groups and enjoy multiple happenings. This is the reason the place is crowned as best resorts in Bangalore for team outing.

It’s the time of the year when water has become the lifeline. Nothing can beat cooling splashes of water in this scratching summer heat. Try river rafting and rowing to apply balm on your burnt soul. When sun is at its best then we need to look at water for its cooling properties.

During summers we feel more  thirsty than hungry. But the resort has a healthy food option for you, served in different meals. You would love to munch more of the food as it’s not only tasty but healthy too.  It’s the organically grown vegetables and spices that are used in preparing the food, moreover the favorable weather conditions invigorate your taste buds and you can’t miss to try its different varieties.

Another beautiful feather in its cap is the famous temples that are at stone thrown away distance. Visit nearby Lord Shiva- Parvati temple during early morning hours as it’s believed to be the best time for spirituality, spend your day there and return to resort for a relaxing evening and mouth watering food. All necessary arrangements are made by the staff so that you enjoy every bit of your stay.