What Are the Ways in Which You Can Book Cheap Flight Tickets While Going To Mumbai from Delhi

Air travel is usually an expense that everyone strives to hack, be it domestic or international flying. Nonetheless, you can learn to travel cheap and comfortable by booking inexpensive air tickets to different cities in India.

An affordable air ticket can allow you to save some cash for the remaining part of the trip and manage to have a big stash of emergency money, in case of anything during your trip. Besides, if you have a big family, a discounted air ticket is a money-saver.

Here is how you can get cheap flights from Delhi to Mumbai and save up to 20% or more on airfare.

1.     Make Use of Special Debit and Credit Card Offers

As much as there are air tickets coupon codes all over the internet from different social media outlets to airline websites, you should also consider the special offers geared towards your debit or credit card.

For instance, if you bank with Kotak, then you can look for some of their offers on air flight tickets from Google, flight booking websites, and even Kotak website. Likewise, you can search for special offers on credit cards linked to your choice of airline.

2.     Take Your Flight at Odd Hours

You can always explore this option if you are traveling solo but with family and kids, it can be tricky especially due to landing time.

The reason behind this night trips is that a few people take it. Therefore, the tickets are inexpensive and the commotion is less. However, you might not get the ticket cheap if you make your booking at the last minute, advance bookings are the best and most reliable.

3.     Make Use of Mobile Apps

If you are not making use of mobile apps to book your flights to anywhere, then you are missing a lot. Mobile apps are the new phase in the business world. It is actually hard to make use of some of the flight offers if you do not have a specific mobile app.

For instance, there are some discounts you can only access if you have a certain mobile app, and it goes further to include the means at which you can get the coupon for example via an e-mail. Therefore, you should make use of them to stand a chance of reducing your air flight price to at least 5-10%.

Besides, mobile apps have exclusive lucrative offers that can give you better discounts on food, as well as more reward points.

4.     Put an Alert

You can also keep track of different airlines from price to flight schedules. Likewise, you can put an alert to inform you when there is a change or decrease in price or an offer.

However, you should be clear on when you want to make your booking from Delhi to Mumbai. Otherwise, you might end up paying a higher price due to constant tracking.

5.     Subscribe to Airline Newsletter

This is the best way to keep track of airline offers. The only downside is that you will be receiving loads of e-mails, but if you do not mind then there is no damage whatsoever.

Besides, these newsletters can help you determine the best time to travel from days to months. Delhi and Mumbai are very busy and thousands often make their trip back and forth, so a newsletter can really help you stay ahead of the inexpensive flight booking game.

6.     Do Not Practice Airline Loyalty

When it comes to flying, you should be open to loads of others options. Do not stay loyal to an airline where money is concerned. Be ready to browse through the others to see what they are offering. You might find it economical to try different airlines for back and forth city trips, in India.

Besides, the rise in the number of airlines has made it easier and cheaper to travel. The competition is real and stiff. So do not stick to a certain airline, just because you are used to it, tough times are here and you will have to economize in every way.

7.     Make Use of Senior Citizen and Student Discounts

If you are traveling with any students or senior citizens, you can look for offers meant for them. A small discount can go very far into saving you loads of money, especially if it is a big family trip.

However, you should note that the discount is only applicable if you use the airline website. Likewise, read its terms and conditions thoroughly as it might not apply to some routes and flight dates.


There you have it, how to save on a flight ticket from Delhi to Mumbai. You can now travel big or small, the choice is yours. Nevertheless, remember that these two Indian cities are among the busiest when it comes to flying. So make your plans far ahead, last minute rashes here are very expensive and confusing in every way.