Destinations for extended holidays near Pune

Goa, Mahabaleshwar, Nashik, Lavasa and  Bhimashankar are some of the places that are known all around the nation for being good holiday destinations. For those who are living in the northern regions or say the other parts of the nation except for Pune, might find these places hard to access due to lack of time for travelling. However, those who are residing at Pune have no excuse to not have visited such places till now. All of these are at a very convenient distance from this city. Here are the Destinations for extended holidays near Pune.


 If you go in for availing the Pune to Goa taxi service then you will reach your destination with all the comfort and that too conveniently. If you are residing in Pune then there can be a no better getaway then Goa itself. With a short drive taking couple of hours there is a lot to be explored here. In case yiu are able to spare 4 days then it would be even the better but 2 days are also good enough.


The best part about planning this trip is that you can book the Pune to Mahabaleshwar taxi service and plan a comfortable trip to the place with your loved ones. It is located at a distance of 120.5 km from Pune and in Sanskrit Mahabalehswar refers to ‘God of Great Power’. Western Ghats give peace to the place and lend it the beauty that it is known for. The climate remains pleasant throughout the year. The Krishna River finds its origin here in this beautiful city. With just a short drive of couple of hours you can explore the entire place. At the same time, you can take strawberries for you loved ones as a token of love.


You can access the city of Nashik via any mode of transportation, yet the one that we would suggest is the taxi. You can take Pune to Nashik cabs that will drop you off at your destination in all the comfort and luxuries. The best thing is that booking these cabs is an easy affair and that too pocket friendly. It takes only couple of hours to reach the place from Pune as the distance is nearly 219 kms only. There is a lot to be explored in the city besides the scenic beauty that is has to offer. This place offers you a perfect break from the monotonous schedule of your daily routine. A first-hand experience of this place is a must if you reside so close to the same.

All in all, these are the Destinations for extended holidays near Pune. You can plan a visit at any time of the year to visit these places and add to your list. Make memories at such places as many of these also have a religious essence. Do not miss an opportunity of visiting the same despite being so close to the same.