Buying Travel Insurance – What You Should Consider If You Are Travelling With Kids!

In our busy schedules, we all need a break. All we want to go for a vacation to get free from hectic life and stressful life. Many people spend a lot to plan a perfect vacation but they often forget to decide an important thing that travels insurance. When Travelers travel to unknown place anything mishaps can occur at any moment. No one can prevent any bad incident to occur. One should always prepare for it. For that, a traveler should take travel insurance. It will guard you against the unforeseen circumstances. Though insurance cannot help a traveler to avoid any misfortune, but it will provide you monetarily benefit, which will be very helpful at that moment. Many people like to go Singapore and Malaysia during their vacation. So before going Singapore and Malaysia take Travel Insurance Singapore.

Many people are unaware of travel insurance. Travel insurance is such kind of insurance which cover some certain incidents of the policyholder like flight loss, trip cancellation, baggage loss, passport loss or any emergency mishaps which can occur during your travel time.

Another situation arises when you travel with your kid. Travelling with your children add lots of stress and worry. Always you will in a stressful situation about your trip cancellation or delay. The moment you close the door of your house your kids enter to the vacation mode. They jump, run, pick up things.

Injuries are unpredictable. If parents take insurance they are lucky. Travel insurance is an easy way that can cover all unpredictable situations. You can travel without any worries. Like the loss of money due to illness, injury, medical fees, flight delay fees etc. There are few advantages of taking Travel insurance when you travel with your kid.

If you are traveling and you are looking for insurance for under sixteen you can have a number of choices for taking insurance. Though that depends on how your kid will travel. For an example, if your kids are traveling with you the best insurance that covers is a family policy. If your child or children travel without you like from school or with friends you need to arrange a separate insurance to cover them only. In some family policies, your children cover for free and in many cases children in the policy separately which allows a special protection. You need to check the terms and conditions before taking.

If you are going with family along with kids take a family policy which includes winter sports. The insurance will be sufficient for you. Check all the sports that are covered. It is important to check the medical coverage, rescue and in case of accident closer cover.

Here are some things which you should consider before traveling with kids.

  • Make Sure Your Children Get Insured For Free Or Not:

Some insurance cover one or more kids for free. So always check with your insurance agent before sign up for insurance. In a family insurance, it covers kids, spouse, sometimes and parents if they are traveling with you. Always check the insurable age limit for your kids. Also, check what they cover and what excludes. When you take travel insurance from a travel agent they will give you the HL Aussurance to travel safely.

  • Is Kids Are Excluded From Any Specific Protection:

If you think that your kid is under the same insurance plan that you have taken does not necessary that your kid also gets every single insured thing. If you get the coverage of the crash of rental vehicle your ten years old child might not get it if he or she takes the wheel. So read the insurance plan closely and looking for height or age criteria that can exclude the kid from being covered.

  • Activities That Are Not Covered:

Much insurance refuse to cover risky activities. For an example, mountaineering or trekking over certain height limit or without PADI certificate diving or car racing is generally excluded. Paragliding and skydiving also not covered. An aged people can be afraid of these kinds of sports that your kids will not and if they are teen then want to try these adventurous sports to show that they daredevils. So before your kid sign up for the insurance for any sports make sure they don’t do anything which can interfere with a claim. Like, ignore the safety rules.

If Your Kid Has Existing Health Condition:

In this case, also claims will be rejected. So to handle such situations one should come prepared that it should bring all the necessary medicines that are needed in any critical situation for the patient like an inhaler for asthma patient etc. Also, you should do enough research on affordable medical assistance that you may get to the destination in case if any such medical emergency arises all of a sudden. You should be monetarily prepared for the same as well.

Make sure before visiting any local doctor for any medical consultation that whether you have an outpatient cover included in the travel insurance, such visit will only be reimbursed if outpatient coverage is present else you will have to pay everything out of pocket. Outpatient coverage means if you visit a doctor which is outside the network of doctors enlisted by the insurance company than you have to pay that doctor the consultation fees yourself at that moment but you can claim that amount through reimbursement process on the other hand if you are visiting an in-network doctor than you just have to give the copy and rest is taken care by the insurance company. So if the ailment any one of your family members has on the trip it is not so critical then avoid going to such doctor s on the trip.

The timing you choose to buy your travel insurance is also very important; usually one should buy it immediately after booking air tickets to the travel destination. Why it’s so because if you book it instantly then insurer now has to pay for any expense that even may cause delay or can cancel your trip due to some medical emergency or even if your flight gets canceled due to any reason. For example, say your wife is down due to chicken pox before the trip and you have to cancel the trip then travel insurance company will repay all your travel expenses on your bookings. Price is same for any insurance plan whether you buy it early or you buy it late. For best results regarding which travel insurance, you can buy, you should go ahead and compare among all the available options and know the best one which suits you from the rest of the travel insurance options which are available on the website.




Once you decide to take travel insurance before start travel a traveler should always consult with a travel insurance agent. It is not difficult to find a good agent who will give you a brief about the policy according to your tour and according to your family members. If you are traveling with your kids always be protective towards them and secure their journey with a travel insurance policy.